Jade is an open-minded and spiritual individual that strives to live her life consciously and mindfully.  From her own experience Jade believes that in order to get closer to reaching your full potential you have to live life in your truth.   Attuned to both Reiki level 1 & 2 Jade considers herself to be an "Energy Mover, Sound Healer".  She uses her connection with her own energy flow and the energy around her, with her music to help to heal or inspire others.
Jade is available for Sound / Music & Energy Healing, which involves singing, acoustic guitar & other instruments. This incorporates use of Energy / Light Healing, derived from Reiki. 
Jade is also shares her music and healing for Music Flow Yoga/physical practices. Repertoire includes current/past song covers, spiritual music & original songs. Previous Collaborations include, The House of Yoga and namaskarchris. 
If you are interesting in coballarating with or having healing with Jade, please send a message via the contact page or make bookings via Facebook.