the Power of music

Excerpt from "Nothing without music?" by @JadeStanger on Medium 


"Do you ever feel like you’re living life all wrong? Worrying about unimportant details, people’s irrelevant opinions, silly little things. Do you ever wish you could change the way in which you do things but you are so set in your stubborn ways to change? When you listen to music do you feel like you could actually become the the person you feel that you are destined to be?


Music can make you feel ways that are indescribable. It makes you feel like these changes are possible. When music fills your ears, your soul, your “being” it makes you feel like you could achieve anything or be anyone that you wish.

Music helps you to be able feel that quiet in your head in which your mind can be so very still. Or, so alive that your soul & heart want to leap from your body. It helps you to connect to yourself in such a way, that you feel that anything and everything is possible, enabling you to think on a level so clearly that your emotions and thoughts all make complete sense. For that short time you can understand why you feel the way you do about different things, you can take control of your thoughts and feelings."

Music can be that crutch to help you get through hard times in life or it can be the power which aids you through each and everyday, whether your day is turning out to be horrendous, amazing or somewhere in the middle. Every occasion or every emotion can be heightened, diminished or satisfied by the forces of music. Then if you play or sing, it’s like the music almost takes you to a totally different level, you become at one with it.

Everything is vibrational energy.
Everything is in a constant state of vibration,
this includes both your mind a body. 
We each resonate on our  vibrational frequency. 
Sound has its own vibrational frequency.
When we listen to music, our body entrains itself,
to both the sound that we hear 
and the vibrations that we are not even aware of. 
Our brainwaves, our pulse, our breathing, 
sync with the music that washes over us. 
We feel music in our hearts, we hear words in our minds,
we connect to the vibration with our souls.
Music has the ability to change our frequency.
It has the power to heal you on physical level, 
emotional and spiritual levels.