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Jade and her new band "The Solstice" take audiences on a captivating journey through sound. Combining ambient music with her stunning English folk vocals, Jade creates a live experience that is nothing short of magic. As they perform, listeners are transported to another world and are invited to stand still, just as the sun does during the solstice. Together, Jade and The Solstice invite you to lose yourself in their mesmerising blend of music and leave the outside world behind.


Hailing from London, Jade is a skilled songwriter with a passion for creating magic through her music. After receiving a solid foundation in her craft at the esteemed Brit School and Italia Conti, Jade set off on a journey to explore the world and discover her true calling. Along the way, she found inspiration in her personal experiences and began writing music that reflected her unique perspective.


Today, Jade continues to share her music and joy with audiences everywhere, captivating them with her soulful sound and enchanting performances. Jade's voice is described as "beautifully sharp”, “hazy and almost angelic," with a touch that is "paper-thin, subtle, and a little mysterious." Her latest single, “The Stranger That Wasn't Bad," an introspective indie folk track, has been described as a "taxi montage on the way to a love confession at the airport," is energising and emotional, helping listeners to release their feelings and find comfort in ambiguity. In the studio, Stanger collaborated with producer Olly Shelton to craft a cinematic soundscape bringing a Folktronica vibe that some have noted to draw comparisons to Bon Iver and Jesca Hoop. In live performances, Stanger has been praised for her ability to hold audiences in the palm of her hand, and as of 2023, Jade will also perform alongside her new band "The Solstice".


In addition to her solo work, Jade is a co-founder of "Waiting For Strangers," a new multifaceted songwriting collective with a mission to create a community-based platform for authentic artistic growth and education. Aside from her musical pursuits, Jade is also an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and has used her platform as a musician to raise awareness and support for issues affecting this community. She has performed at LGBTQ+ events and incorporated themes of acceptance and belonging in her music. Last year, Jade took her activism a step further by raising a motion within the Musicians' Union (MU) calling for increased access to specialist LGBTQ+ mental health services.

"Jade has a beautiful voice, crystal clear like mountain water and just a hint of melancholy in her voice that is bittersweet to the ear."            

Jade Stanger is a singer-songwriter from Brighton who combines the soul of alt-folk with a touch of country influence. Her music invites listeners to take a moment to pause and be present, and her lyrics offer a sense of understanding and comfort. Her live performances offer a chance for audience members to connect with her music and find a sense of peace in a hectic world.

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